The Word Luciferous is an adjective meaning “providing light and mental insight”. Thus the Luciferian Religion is the knowledge and wisdom of self, the possibility and potential of self.


The CHURCH OF ADVERSARIAL LIGHT was founded by High Priest MICHAEL W. FORD in 2007, who is the founder of THE ORDER OF PHOSPHORUS and BLACK ORDER OF THE DRAGON. The Vision of our High Priest is to establish a religion based on the Spirit of both Light and Darkness, understanding that one must have balance and understand the dark instinct. Equally so is the balance of the Adversary being SAMAEL and LILITH or AHRIMAN and AZ-JEH, this concept goes far beyond common dualism and is understood on a deeper level by initiates of the path. The Church of Adversarial Light does not view the Daemonic Feminine as a “lesser equal” rather it is one half being consistent to the power itself. This allows the Luciferian to utilize a complete knowledge of the self to make informed, strategic decisions which will lead to a more meaningful life.

Michael is a practitioner of Magick, who continually studies religions, history, mythology and has applied the Luciferian concepts of his books in his personal life, overcoming great challenges and establishing himself one of the foremost writings of the occult community; specifically the “left hand path”. The Priesthood of The Church of Adversarial Light are individuals from all walks of life who have applied the art of Magick to their own personal lives, for meaning and power in it and are Priests of the Adversary in The Order of Phosphorus, COAL’s magickal initiatory order based on Adversarial Light and Sorcery as defined in The Bible of the Adversary.


THE CHURCH OF ADVERSARIAL LIGHT is based on the foundations presented in THE BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY.  The Luciferian can either approach a dogmatic or non-dogmatic approach to the religious aspects of the Luciferian Path.

Some basic considerations of THE CHURCH OF ADVERSARIAL LIGHT:

  1. The Adversary is a metaphor for the motivating, skeptical and oppositional living individual who continually seeks to increase meaning and purpose in life into pragmatic results. Adversarial Light is a metaphor for Intelligence, the awareness of self and the possibility to sharpen intellect to apply it in this world. The Adversary is symbolized in diverse mythological and often anti-religious manifestations throughout history; Samael and his bride, Lilith, the ancient Persian Ahriman and Az-Jeh, Baal and Tanit, Each represents the power of self-love and the transformation of consciousness into divine consciousness. At first glance they are evil and brooding, upon a deeper exploration they are creative and strong, demonstrating balance and wisdom.

  2. The Luciferian does not worship Satan or any other deity. The Luciferian will view his or her own body – mind – spirit as a Temple for the Gods to manifest through, thus you are the only god that is. The Luciferian continually seeks to challenge and transform the self into the perceived archetypal spirit of the Adversary.

  3. The Church of Adversarial Light recognizes the associative theistic traits of the Adversary – in all forms – throughout History as a motivator of self-excellence. Chaos and stressful situations cause the spirit to rise – transform or to fall – a common aspect of Nietzsche inspired Self-Will. Without challenge and adversity – there is no transformation.
  4. The Church of Adversarial Light recognizes that each individual must seek the Adversary in their own way, with accountability for the actions of the individual in their own laws. Illegal activity is obviously not accepted or allowed within THE CHURCH OF ADVERSARIAL LIGHT.  

The Luciferian of THE CHURCH OF ADVERSARIAL LIGHT may utilize ritual to seek their unique experience with the energy and spirit of the Luciferian Gnosis. Magick is thus a tool of achieving this end, while the level of application is up to the practitioner.

THE CHURCH OF ADVERSARIAL LIGHT accepts members or any walk or life, race and social status, although one common theme and affirmation is needed: the Luciferian must seek to build the self and become through this religious path, rejecting all other religions. The Luciferian Religion must serve the needs of the self; offer a realistic pathway to self-mastery.

To be Luciferian you must be willing to question, to explore, to study the foundations of religious lore and create your own Temple within. This is the religion of self-accountability, self-love, those who recognize the Luciferian spirit within and who are not afraid to seek the forbidden. It is deeply spiritual as it is material; enjoy this life now in both a carnal and spiritual aspect. Grow in the light of Lucifer.



You have one life physically now, the opportunities are numerous depending on how you approach your existence. If you think life is ordained, governed and fate decides and some Deific force (another, exterior God) chooses what is right for you then essentially you are like a sheep or some small pet kept in the house. The Human Spirit has ascended through evolutionary intent as the very SPIRIT of humanity is Godlike. We are not limited by one choice of vision. The Luciferian Faith is found by applying various sound principles such as using positive thought before speaking – using non-verbal clues to establish ease and to balance higher thought with lower carnal desires. The key is balance. The Luciferian believes there should be no restrictions of his or her life; as he or she is the God or Goddess who chooses their individual destiny. The Bible of the Adversary gives powerful psychological pointers on life development from a spiritual foundation – point of view (“The Precepts of Lucifer”) to life-foundations (“Luciferian Laws”) to life here and now and accomplishing your goals and desires (“Mastery of the Earth”). Life should be conquered and enjoyed! Luciferianism is not about death – it is about LIVING and seeking the most of your life in a spiritual and physical manner!


Depression destroys our vital spirit and energy. Luciferians understand that nothing is possible without a proactive, positive mind and outlook. Luciferians view themselves like Gods and Goddesses. As Lucifer and the various forms or figures of the Adversary are the model of image, think of how everything you do here and now means your result tomorrow. If you refuse to help your depression, will it not fester and allow negativity to break down your everyday thinking? The Bible of the Adversary attacks depression and negative thinking by allowing the Luciferian to use balance and self-love to explore his or her higher intellect (called Azal’ucel) and lower desires (called the Carnal or Demonic aspects) to live accordingly. Depression and negative thinking are addressed in BOTA (Bible of the Adversary) in “The Dragon and the Archon – the Luciferian Mind” and in the Gnostic – originated “Prayers and the Luciferian Ascension of Spirit”, a chapter of spiritual hymns and devotionals. Luciferianism embraces science and medicine to assist in overcoming depression and becoming stronger – however places the foremost task of knowledge and application of such to the individual alone.


Having a strong outlook towards what you do now and in the future is essential to leading a productive life. Perhaps you are a young student, looking to all the possibilities in life. Maybe you are a mature adult who feels there is something missing in your life. It does not matter, Luciferianism is the religion of the Temple of Self – that is; the mind and body of the individual must be conditioned to conquer life itself! “Mastery of the Earth” in BOTA (Bible of the Adversary) demonstrates that appearance is important, timing and action, controlling the emotions, about the dangers of living in the past, how enemies can be useful and much more. Every day is a new possibility, make it manifest! Luciferians who find Magick as a path to explore often undertake the “Rite of Azal’ucel” which brings one into the knowledge and conversation of their Spiritual Guide, or True Will as Aleister Crowley defined the term.


We always want to be better; stronger, wiser, more experience and ultimately more power. Luciferians understand that self-transformation is the process of becoming Godlike. How do you self-transform? Magick is the process of transforming the self internally – called “ascending”. What is so beautiful about Magick is that it can be performed in numerous ways – from a psychological standpoint – affirming intent and behavior, thus creating belief or from a simple “prayer” or “invocation”. You can begin this process by simple self-affirming prayers or invocations which empower the mind itself. The entire focus of Luciferianism is self-transformation: understanding the dark aspects of yourself, making them viable and productive and illuminating the higher aspects of your self – love, compassion and the thirst for power.

A non-practitioner of any type of formal magick may wish to obtain knowledge by reading, attending classes and applying the Luciferian “Mastery of the Earth” concepts to his or her own life. In doing this you will find a process of Magick is already occurring: Willed change. Atheistic Luciferians practice in this way.


Family foundations are essential for a continued, productive environment. Often in culture we see imbalance – parents penniless so the children are raised to either uplift themselves or to sink into further despair. We see middle-class or wealthy families which challenge their children or themselves to achieve on their own merits. Children are indeed the future and the new recipients of the Luciferian Light; therefore family is so very important. Marriage or a long-term relationship must be balanced with an equal approach towards happiness: it also must be strengthened by discipline and common accepted standards. Children should be raised to continually learn and conquer their challenges in life – as well as understanding the need for foundational values. Infecting the mind with a guilt-ridden religion which represses the human spirit is not the foundation needed in the human race: it creates discontent, depression, mental illness, misdirected aggression, war and sexual degradation. Luciferians must teach and demonstrate the value of goal-oriented decisions, helping others help themselves, learning and questioning all things: including religious ideas of all sorts, understanding other cultures even if they are different, thinking before speaking and so on. Poor families and single-parents will find Luciferianism equally inspiring – by ones wits and intelligence can you set in place principles which will elevate you spiritually and in your life itself. Children learn from what they see everyday – more than ever with technology do we have the opportunity to uplift those who seek from spiritual decay!


If you are compassionate towards others, ensure you are illuminating your mind, learning the difference between empowering others and contributing to negative behavior. The applications of Magick and self-illumination found in The Bible of the Adversary can give people from all walks of life the empowerment needed to help the root cause of their problems, to lead a productive and joy filled life.


Adversarial Light is the name for the spirit of intellect and godhood brought to humanity by the legend of the Watchers led by Azazel. The wisdom brought by the fallen angels gave humanity the intellect and desire to conquer and ascend, to be Gods by their own desire and will. The Adversarial Light is also called “The Black Light” or “The Black Flame” and represents the gift brought to the Children of Cain, whose symbolic “murder” of his uninitiated self brought into him the Daemonic Spirit, thus making him the first Luciferian. Adversarial Light is the very essence of humanity as awakened and initiated power. Some Luciferians consider Adversarial Light connected with the spirit of “Azal’ucel” or the Holy Guardian Angel. The foremost goal of the Magickian is to seek the knowledge and conversation of the Luciferian Angel. Michael W. Ford and Nico Claux produced the Luciferian Tarot which presents numerous “occult” (meaning hidden) images of the Luciferian Angel and Therionick Beast, or Daemon as a manifestation of the Adversary or dual forced spirit which is intertwined an inseparable.

Once the Luciferian Magickian achieves the knowledge and conversation with Azal’ucel, the next step is to Enter the Abyss and gain the power of the depths of Hades. This is the aspect in which Christians may never understand – that the so-called “Fallen” Angels have the knowledge and power of the higher and lower aspects of the spirit.

Adversarial Light to an Atheistic Luciferian is often intellect and the ability to see beyond myth and mystical “truths” to understand you have one life now, your planning and strategic application of knowledge must be to better your life and world NOW! The Gods are symbols of the collective psyche of humanity and represent often balance and the potential of our being.

Adversarial Light to a Theistic Luciferian or Spiritualist is the intellect given to us by the Gods in all of their forms. Often the Gods are spiritual forces within the collective subconscious of humanity. Adversarial Light is the intellect and power of one who uses Magick to explore the self, sharpen skills in sorcery and applying Will-Desire-Belief and obtaining results. It is a must to be skeptical and question everything, no matter if you are a Theistic or Atheistic Luciferian.


The name Lucifer is a Latin word meaning "light-bearer" from lux, "light", ferre, "to bear,", a Roman term for the "Morning Star".Lucifer was the translation of the Septuagint Greek heosphoros, - "dawn-bearer"; Greek phosphorus, "light-bearer" and the Hebrew Helel, meaning "Bright one". In the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the mentioning of Lucifer comes in the concept of AURORA, the Goddess of Dawn in Roman mythology, "Aurora, watchful in the reddening dawn, threw wide her crimson doors and rose-filled halls; the Stars took flight, in marshaled order set by Lucifer, who left his station last." – Ovid

Lucifer is the BRINGER OF LIGHT, representing wisdom and self-illumination. Lucifer represents the angelic or higher aspects of the Self, thus is a power archetype and spirit of ascension and wisdom.
Lucifer is also a collective title or symbol for the religion of those seeking to be accountable for their own life and self-created destiny. Lucifer is also both equally light, or representing the higher intellect and the dark, representing the lustful or hidden aspects of the self. – From BOTA.

Luciferian also use many other names for various cultural manifestations of the Adversary – both equally masculine and feminine in gender: Ahriman, Samael, Satan, Lilith, Az-Jeh, Hecate and many others.
Luciferians may believe in spirits yet also may be atheists – it depends on the individual. What makes the Luciferian Faith unique in one instance is that we are commonly dedicated to our individual or unique possibility towards self-excellence, our determination to stay the course and enjoy our life. When you instill purpose and meaning, there is little you cannot accomplish.


Lucifer is a recognized and popular name of the Adversary, viewed throughout the world as the spiritual rebel yet also the intelligent one who brought the fire of spirit to humanity. The Adversary manifests in every culture, race and differently with each individual.


Lucifer from our standpoint is a title, Light Bringer. Satan is the fiery aspect meaning enemy. To paraphrase the Bible of the Adversary:

From “ha-satan” meaning “The Opposer” or “Adversary”.    SAMAEL is known in the Talmudic texts as being the same as Satan,  the chief of Evil Spirits who is known as “The Venom of God”. Samael is said to have twelve wings rather than the six of normal angels, a favored assumption.  Samael as the Angel of Poison is to the Luciferian as a symbol of self-mastery and using the world around us to grow in power and strength, always internal, sometimes external depending on the individual desire. Luciferians seek to devour the essence of life, the essence of humanity. All life is made stronger by devouring another; this is the law of nature. To be honest to the self, to present challenge and overcome such is to attain a foundation upon the path of mastery.

“Samael was the greatest prince in heaven. The celestial animals and the Seraphim had six wings each, but Samael had twelve.” - Midrash


“I am the essence of the Sun, brighter than any before me.
This Light burns as the dual star, illuminating in motion.
I am the Angel of Immortal Light, beautiful and free to all” – Bible of the Adversary

The Adversary is the rebellious power or “dark” spirit which is dual, or twin in essence. It is composed of Samael, the masculine and Lilith, the feminine. Both powers complement each other and equally motivate. The Luciferian recognizes these as powers within the Mind, Spirit and Body and seeks to transform the self into this type of individual – as a God or Goddess. It is called the Adversary or Opposer as it is dual, standing separate yet the same. This is the power which stirs life and creates/destroys within the universe. Remember, it was the Serpent which brought wisdom to humanity, allowing them to become aware of Good and Evil in the Bible, yet Christians consider The Adversary as “evil”!


No. To worship Satan in the way Christian Monotheistic supplication (Luciferians view their own Mind-Body-Spirit as a Temple thus God/Goddess is within) is conducted is self-degrading by Luciferians. We do not worship Satan nor bow before anything else. Luciferians view themselves “like” the Adversary, spiritual rebels who choose their own path and find spiritual (and material) beauty in the enlightenment and achievements they receive. Spiritual reward is something earned with a life filled with purpose, generosity to those we love and wish to help and living as productive members of society.


The Birth of Christ has been celebrated on December 25 for a numerous generations, songs, hymns and presentations bring many to tears over the joy of the birth of the savior, Jesus. What most people don’t realize is Christmas is a lie!

In fact, all religious holidays as we practice them are lies! When Christianity attempted to take over churches were built over pagan shrines that the populous frequented, Christian rites and traditions were placed over popular pagan holidays. This was by far the easiest to adapt the ruling religion.


Luciferians understand that spiritual aspects within the Church of Adversarial Light are subjective; individuals must question and validate their own formulations to this question. On the surface, spirits or demons represent subconscious or symbolic attributes of the self. Demon comes from the word Daimon, meaning spirit and did not initially mean “evil’ until Christianity defined all besides their own was actually bad.


Joining the Church of Adversarial is open to anyone who acknowledges a desire to become a vessel for the Luciferian Spirit, to seek the knowledge and wisdom of the Light of Self-love, motivation to become a stronger and wiser individual and to elevate or cause the self to ascend as a God or Goddess.


The following is a simple prayer which may be used when you feel the need of strength, it should also be used in times when you have success and victory towards your goals, always seek to remain focused and hold things in perspective. You can always become greater, you always have the potential for more knowledge! You may recite this in your own way – the relationship with the Adversarial Spirit will guide and allow you to develop as your own person.

I invoke thee, Angel of Self!
I invoke thee, Daemon of Self!
That I may seek my own redemption
That I may know the wisdom of darkness
That I raise myself to be Wise through experience and test
So I shall be a Bringer of Light
A Source of the Black Flame of Knowledge
I offer only prayers to my potential and possible greatness
That the Angel and Daemon within me is strengthened!
I have no need of a fearful false Jealous God
Who wishes oppression and supplication to his sheep!
My God and Goddess dwell within!
I shall raise myself up to the Heights by education, experience and balance
May I always have the wisdom to hold myself accountable
To treat others as they would treat me
To seek Happiness in Victory
That I shall be as the Dragon which devours weakness
And strengthens as the Angel of Light the Willing
So it is done!


  1. Lucifer represents wisdom found through self-exploration.
  2. Lucifer represents rejection of accepted “truths” instead to explore possibilities.
  3. Lucifer symbolizes rebellion with a purpose; knowledge, wisdom and power.
  4. Lucifer represents utilizing fantasy and symbolism to open the Gates of Hell; the underworld is the world of power.
  5. Lucifer represents Balance spiritually and physically, that Light and Darkness are equally important to the mental and physical health of individual.
  6. Lucifer represents self-deification with earned compassion and the value of loved ones’.
  7. Lilith represents the wisdom and instinctual power of both woman and man, that the feminine is the motivator of all life.
  8. Lilith represents independence and freedom of spirit.
  9. Lilith represents sexual liberation and the desire to seek what you wish, with responsibility and regard to the law.
  10. Lilith represents the thirst for continued existence in time, the immortality of the spirit beyond flesh.
  11. Lilith represents the darkness surrounding the Light of Godhood, the bearing flame of her mate, Samael.



  1. For your own spiritual liberation
    Thinking and being an individual in a world of “believe it if it is said or written” is a powerful step to power which emerges within. The Luciferian questions everything and validates his or her own work firsthand. Blind faith is simply not an option.
  2. Cultural Reasons – in an age when few commit to anything – career, family or quality self-improvement the Luciferian lays a foundation with a spiritual and physical path which is against all others – thus “Left hand path” or against the spiritual laws of Christianity and other like-religions and focus on self-reliance, individuality, family and social responsibility.
  3. Personal Reasons - Perhaps you have always felt “different” due to your interest in dark topics. Luciferians often are interested in the dark as they feel close to their shadow selves, or aspects hidden. Balance your life, set goals and raise the spirit of self-liberation through you!



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