What does The Order of Phosphorus mean?
-“Phosphorus” is an alternative word for the process of Black Alchemy or self-transformation by developing the mind to first “think” as a God (one who is accountable for the shaping of your life and destiny, thus yourself), then to act like a God (creating circumstances for productivity and self-improvement) and using techniques of Magick (using the Mind and Spirit to transform consciousness into a state of divine consciousness).

Luciferianism is the ideological, philosophical and Magickial attainment of knowledge and inner power via the left hand path. The type of knowledge sought is firstly that of the self: strengths, weaknesses and all that which makes us truly ‘individual’. Initiation or the revealing of knowledge is through study, practicing Adversarial Magick/Sorcery and the continual struggle for self-improvement through spiritual rebellion.
The left hand path for Luciferians is not a specific doctrine yet clearly an aspect of who we are. Luciferians are against the social concept of “God” and “Religion” as both is collective, sheep-herding doctrines which suppress knowledge, reward weakness and apathy and place unrealistic expectations on the individual for a ‘future’ reward which does not exist.

Phosphorus is best described here:
“ Eosphoros, called EOS which is the Latin Aurora, the Goddess of the Morning Red who brings the Light of Day from the East, the sister of Helios. Eosphoros means “Dawn Bringer”. This title, when combine with Zeus, Apollo, Helios, Mars, Hades and Typhon creates the Medieval Lucifer from symbolism as being “the devil” yet holds a deeper symbolism of self-creation and antinomian self-deification. “ – Magick of the Ancient Gods – Chthonic Paganism and the Left Hand Path by Michael W. Ford

The Order of Phosphorus is an international guild of Luciferians who use Adversarial Magick to transform their lives. “Luciferianism encourages a strict adherence towards the self-determined goals of the initiate as well as the discipline of magickal practice. The process of initiation is central to Adversarial Light, known as Luciferian Magick, alchemical changes within the mind and soul of the initiate, thus a state of continual self-improvement and transformation.” – Quote from “ADVERSARIAL LIGHT: Magick of the Nephilim” by Michael W. Ford

Define Adversarial / Luciferian Magick:
“While some Luciferians are so in their philosophy, many Luciferians practice what is called Magick. Magick is by definition the art of causing change internally and externally in accordance with the Will. This means simply by using spiritual focus, using your senses, how you interact with others can cause the change you wish. It is about actually applying magick to your life, visualizing your goals and the steps to achieve it and actually doing it.

The Luciferian Path categorizes this within three categories, Luciferian Magick or inner transformation, the workings of the Daemon or Azal'ucel, higher self, Therionick Sorcery; Therion being “Beast” and explores the demonic, primordial and dark desires, atavisms, lycanthropy, nature magick to shape and channel into a positive, creative way of improvement; Yatukih Sorcery, ritual sorcery to cause external change which includes the primal magick of the Yatukih and Babylonian currents: it is the exploration of our primal depths.

The Luciferian Path is derived from the Adversary, the Cosmic power of rebellion, darkness and chaos. Yet the Adversary is also the brillant conqueror, the one who is crowned in the divine radiance of inner power, who is beyond good and evil and whose very golden foundation is built over the bones of weakness and those who opposed this ascension.

Why would you find this interesting, or compelling to initiate yourself into? The answer is simple, For the Luciferian Spirit is the Motivating Essence of the Universe. Adversity breeds strength, power is only meaningful when directed by the Luciferian. “ –From “ADVERSARIAL LIGHT: the Magick of the Nephilim by Michael W. Ford

How is the TOPH structured?
TOPH is structured as a Grade Oriented, result driven order which is guided by the Priesthood of the Adversary and the Council of Arezura. TOPH’s High Priest and Magus is Akhtya Dahak (Michael W. Ford), who founded the order in 2002 and who with others created the Black Order of the Dragon in 1993. TOPH initiates join as Grade 0 – Nahemoth and the Black Earth and through their application of Luciferian Magick ascend through to Grade I – The Blackened Forge of Cain and Grade II – The Witches Sabbat as Adepts of Algol. There are numerous avenues and magickal studies to explore. TOPH initiates come from all different backgrounds and cultures, having many different magickal interests. TOPH is structured around the BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY, written by Michael W. Ford, along with other works offers a structure of Luciferian initiation which is based around results rather than ego inflation.

What Makes TOPH different?
 "Self-Empowerment to all who seek." More importantly, an attempt to liberate the mind from the Judeo-Christian structures of the world. These dominate even the Ceremonial Magic works as well, using angels and other dualistic powers in attempt to bully the dark ones to submission. This is simply not in accordance with nature!
The Order of Phosphorus is a Luciferian Order. We started as a long term initiatory order January 1st, 2008, an emergence from the Abyss of the Occult underground, operating years before as a shadowy brother and sisterhood of Luciferian practitioners. Our focus from day one has been clarified and simplified as “Self-Empowerment to all who seek”, note the difference and positivity within an antinomian sense – we want to recognize, empower and become the possibility of the God or Goddess within. The embodiment of the Adversary is not a simple process, not an exact path for everyone to follow. Many initiates require different approaches to magick and shaping their life according to their deepest desires.

The Order of Phosphorus recognizes individuality as a true left hand path approach.
That is what makes TOPH different.
The Priesthood who mentor and guide our initiates are deeply committed to individual thought, learning and developing through action and self-accountability.

- Operating as the premier LHP initiatory Order
We will do this by adapting our Order to the needs of the individuals. Enlightenment and wisdom is a double edged sword – if you believe you are ‘enlightened’ and have all the answers, you discontinue the development process. TOPH will continue to adapt and change as needed. Our structure and processes are sound and offer a unique Left Hand Path initiatory system centered around the self-exploration of the Adversarial spirit, offering a unique multi-cultural approach to Magick and the Left Hand Path. In addition, we do not just "talk" about "knowledge", we seek it. Many so-called Left Hand Path or Satanic gathers via the internet spend their time bickering and seeking the latest occult book, rather than actually using the tools they already have to shape their life. Why do so many overlook this? It is simple, if it takes too long, if it is difficult it is easier to just do something else and use the symbols anyway. Luciferianism does not operate this way.

A $100 dollar dues fee paid yearly gives initially a special edition of The Bible of the Adversary with additional material for initiates, an Initiate guide book, Grade Ritual, a membership card, course for the specific grade, a medallion and a certificate of Grade. This also provides access to the TOPH forums, the possibility for person to person meetings and fellowship where available.

WHAT IS The Church of Adversarial Light?
The Church of Adversarial Light (COAL) is a Luciferian philosophical church, a gathering of ideas and ideology defined by practice and results. The basic foundation for COAL is The Bible of the Adversary however it is centered on the ideological study and application of Luciferianism as a philosophy rather than specific magickal practice. Currently, it is in development and is not open for operation.

COAL members support self-illumination, empowerment and the power of the world here and now and are not required to believe or practice any type of specific ceremonial magick or sorcery.
The Church of Adversarial Light is guided by the Priesthood of the Adversary of TOPH and more serious magickal practitioners in COAL will no doubt seek initiation via TOPH.

TOPH Inner Orders

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